Maarten Freriks

As consultants for large companies and stock exchange funds, we assist businesses and financial staff in providing information to accountants from other offices. Therefore we know what you as an entrepreneur expect from a chartered accountantchartered accountant.'

Maarten Freriks (1967) works in the accountancy business since 1988. He graduated in 1997 as a chartered accountant at NIVRA-Nijenrode University and has since been in the position of managing partner. He has gained experience as an interim controller at large companies and stock exchange funds for several years, and has experience with diverse IT-systems. Since 2005 he is working for Meerwijk Allister Groep. In his opinion it is important, that accountancy firms should purchase modern office automation systems and should render online services, because it increases the efficiency of the accountancy services.


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Maarten Freriks

Chartered accountant