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A successful business is only possible with correct and accurate financial administration. By organising your financial administration online you can save time and money. Meerwijk Allister Groep offers you various opportunities to keep an online overview of your organisation’s financial and tax issues. Via our online portal you can view and update your bookkeeping, pass on changes in salaries and communicate with your contact at Meerwijk Allister Groep about the draft financial statements.
Online portal
The online portal offers a closed platform for safe communication between you and Meerwijk Allister Groep. For example you can approve the annual documents to be filed that we send you so that they can be automatically forwarded to the Commercial Register of the Chamber or Commerce, or approve the income and corporation tax returns, which are then automatically sent to the Tax Authorities. In addition, you will find all correspondence that we have sent you categorised and conveniently arranged.
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Get to know our new online administration package.
Get to know our new online administration package. We are offering our clients the Visma online accounting package free of charge. The package is called MAG online. With MAG online you send your scanned purchase invoices to an email address that we open for you, after which they are automatically entered. Sales invoices and bank statements are also entered completely automatically. We check the entries for you and book transitory entries and payroll journal entries. You guessed it - also automated.

The idea behind MAG online is that the financial administration is updated and always correct. Compiling the financial statements at the end of the year is a great deal easier. In addition, the management information that you want is always available for you online.
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Online salaries
The salary portal means changes in salary can be easily passed on. Via the salary portal, you can view salary slips, journal entries, employer chargers per employee, additions for company cars and comprehensive other information whenever you want. A unique option is being able to give your employees secure access to the input module of the payroll records. They can enter their worked hours, their holiday requests and their expense statements. After authorisation by an authorised employee of your organisation, these data can then be automatically processed in the payroll records. The employees can also download their payslip and annual income statement. Obviously, the security of your data is safeguarded.
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